ForgeGradle Tutorial - Build a jar

This tutorial will show how to build a jar package file with ForgeGradle.

This tutorial is made for Flan's Mod 5.0, and Minecraft 1.8., ForgeGradle 1.8- is used. But all steps shown here are also working with ForgeGradle for MC 1.72 and 1.7.10.

I used the last Src version. The newer Mdk version seems to be not ok currently (22.09.2015).



  1. Install the Java JDK (Java. This is required even if have have already installed the Java JRE. Download here:
  2. Set the JAVA_HOME variable into your system.
  3. Internet must be available the whole time during installation.
  4. The tutorial for setup ForgeGradle is completed and ready to build.


1. Setupthe build. gradle file

  1. To build a jar file we have to add our package to the "build.gradle" file. This file is located in the ForgeGralde root folder and contains all information about which packages and mods are to be created.

  2. Go to the ForgeGradle folder. lacate the "build.gradle" file and open it with a text editor

  3. Once it is open locate the part "task contentPacks()"

  4. Add your package here. Use a simple name without any spaces and non regular letters. This will tell ForgeGradle to execute the task we will create in the next steps.

  5. Select a package and copy it to the clipboard.

  6. Paste the package into the file blow the other packages

  7. Change the marked part

  8. Insert here be the model folder of your package. Be aware, its type sensitive.

  9. Change the marked part

  10. Insert here be the package folder of your pack. Be aware, its type sensitive.

  11. Change the marked part

  12. Insert here any name you want. This will be the output name of you jar file. E.g ManusWW2 will create a file named ManusWW2-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.10.0.jar

  13. Change the marked part

  14. Insert here the name you gave the task in step IV.

  15. Save you file.


2. Build the .jar file

  1. Open the command shell, go to the ForgeGradle folder, insert "gradlew build" and execute this.

  2. ForgeGradle will now build all Packages or return an error code. on Error check you packages.

  3. When finished open the ForgeGradle folder and go to "build"

  4. In build you will find output.

  5. Then go to Flan

  6. Here you will find your package when the compile process is complete.

  7. Publish you model package.





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what text editor are you using


i did everything right, but i keep getting errors saying "could not compile"

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